BA to expand CLMV routes this yr, as it invests Bt1.815b in the purchase of 2 aircraft, sets 3.5% rev growth t/g, 3% psx growth to 6.16m, bids for duty-free concession with 2 partners.

Comment: Valuation wise it is cheap given the holding of BDMS. And this is shown in the share buyback program. But it never looks good when the owner is proven to be manipulating the share price.

GUNKUL wins power distribution pj from provincial electricity authority (PEA) worth Bt113.85m, expects to award more pj this yr from current Bt20b bidding, eyes 25% rev growth t/g >Bt8b.

IVL completed M&A transaction of German special chem producer, INVISTA Resins & Fibers Gmbh, capacity 282ktpa.

Comment: You know what I’m going to say, cookie munster!!!

SC sets Bt2b profit and Bt19b rev, +22% yoy, from 13 new pjs worth Bt22.7b, to wrap up deal to buy apartment in the US worth $20-25m in 1H19.

Comment: What if the major property developers continue to bang out decent numbers despite the fears of the market would the sector then Re rate back to 8-12x PE? Or is the fear too strong that this will be a multi year issue for property players? 

STEC & BEM bot TOR for operate & maintenance (O&M) 2 motorways contract worth Bt61b.

THAI in new baggage policy to save fuel costs, Eco discounted & Eco premium, scaling back baggage weight allowance to 20kg/psx from 30, effective Apr 1

Comment: Scaling back on corruption, ineffective management, and inefficient Operations would have a far more positive impact.

THAI to sign contract to sell 8 aircrafts within 2 weeks, expects Bt4b coming in 1Q19.

Comment: Are these aircrafts worth only thb 4 bn? Wtf is the audit committee doing at THAI?

TU sets 5% rev growth t/g this yr on rising seafood demand and M&A.

WP in talk partner to expand gas transport & LPG container biz, to branch out from gas retailer, LPG depot phase 3 in Chachengsao province to complete 2H20, lifts capacity to 20.4k tons from 10.9k to serve more industrial clients.

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