AOT reported 2.37m passenger traffic during Songkran holiday, SAT1 concourse at SIA to cod by 4Q23 (end of Sept), mulls opening auction for commercial developer to develop 290 acres land to boost non-aero revenue.

Comment: I’m still of the viewpoint that 2H23 is going to look incredible and that 2024 people will be surprised by how far above 2019 levels passenger traffic is in Thailand.

BJC submitted IPO filing of BigC Retail Corp (BRC) to sell 29.98% (3.729b shares), appointed KSEC, Bualuang, FNS and SCB to be joint FA.

Comment: And they have to raise the capital as quickly as possible…not sure on the valuation of this listing but it’s likely to be pricey.

CH sees positive 2Q earnings momentum driven by export sales of new mango snacks product line, seeks to expand kiosk in BKK to boost sales from international travelers, firms on 10% full year sales growth target.

Comment: I do wonder if they are able to build a brand for this, or else it will just remain a small brand name that is domestically focused – which isn’t a bad thing, just limits the potential, if so, it’s far too expensive…

CHG set up CHG Wellness Center to branch out from hospital to disease prevention, rejuvenation, dietary and health promotion.

KTB raised deposit rates by up to 0.35% and lending rates by 0.20-0.25%. BAY raised deposits by 0.35% and lending by 0.10-0.25%.

KTB sets Bt10b loan target via digital apps, Krungthai Next and Pao-Tang, after recording Bt5b YTD.

Comment: The Pao-tang app is going to make KTB the kingpin bank in Thailand.

RS’s unit, RS Pet All, acquires 51% of Hato Pet Wellness Center to expand vet clinic, pet shop & pet recreation for Bt117m, transaction to complete by end of Jul.

Comment: They are running out of ideas to pivot to.

SC to buy 22 plots of land total 1.72 acre in Ladya district, Thonburi from Shinawatra family for Bt1.239b, mulls develop condo to capture demand for south purple MRT extension, seek holders approval tomorrow, Apr 19.

Comment: I’m sure this transaction was done completely above board…

SPALI reported 1Q23 pre-sales +22% qoq to Bt9.029b vs Bt7.408b, 4Q22, +2% yoy from Bt8.852b 1Q22, account for 25% of Bt36b full year target.

Comment: The owners of SPALI are shouting at the crowd “are you not entertained?!?!” by how well they are performing.

TEKA: wins construction contract for ARLO Lasalle 17 valued at Bt328m.

TIDLOR sets 10-20% loan growth target this year, 20-25% growth target for insurance broker business.

Comment: Read the CEO’s letters from TIDLOR, one of the better ones in the country.

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