AP’s 1Q presale reached Bt11b, Bt41.4b backlog, sees momentum into 2Q with 17 projects worth Bt22.1b.

BCP to expand its energy logistics business thru its unit, BKK Fuel Pipeline and Logistics (BFPL), to provide oil transport services thru pipelines.

Comment: Where pump? Let’s see after 1Q earnings, the market is looking weak.

BGRIM debuts 1st EV charging station at River City BKK, mulls adding 100 stations by end of year.

CENTEL sees avg OCC at luxury hotels & resorts property exceeded 95% in Apr, RevPar +50% mom, strong QSR traffic during holiday to boost 2Q earnings.

Comment: And there you go, further evidence that the big boys are just going to take the market. I still think that this will last for another 12-24 months, price over volume is the game.

GLORY targets record high revenue this year +20-50% yoy driven by new line of business, will debut multiplayer online role playing game in 2Q via iOS & Android, in talk M&A 3-4 deals in media, healthcare and tech.

Comment: This small gaming co…..is looking to expand into a b2b business? Hey watch me start writing about Latin american VC investment opportunities, this doesn’t make sense…

GPSC secures 560MW Avada solar project in India.

PLANB & MACO: troubled crypto platform, Zipmex, seeks another 2-month extension on moratorium after possible buyout failed, finding solution for reopening of Z Wallet.

Comment: TTA pulling the plug, amusing…

KTC: 1Q net profit @ Bt1.87b, +7.4% yoy; missed Bt1.91b consensus.

Comment: Uh-oh….if KTC is missing targets….

SIRI reported 1Q pre-sales +70% yoy to Bt12b, reassures robust 1Q from strong transfer of upmarket project and ready to move in inventories, maintain 2Q launch plan 8 project total Bt13b.

SNNP sees all time high 1Q23 net profit, Bt157-162m, on higher sales during summer, while Vietnam’s GPM rose to 37% from 33%, Tabloid.

Comment: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, proceed to smack head against the wall for missing this..

TRUE rolled out True X, a new all-in-one mobile app suited to serve consumers’ daily habits, including smart home, smart health, smart learning, smart energy, smart shopping and smart entertainment, target 1m download by end of year.

Comment: You expect me to believe that this company which can’t even manage it’s own balance sheet with such a dominant market position is going to be able to provide a user services that are more efficient that what is currently available in the international market? Nope, but can they reach 1 mn downloads…of course because they’ll just link it to 7-11 and call themselves geniuses!

TSR sees FY23 turnaround aft diversify from water purification to bottle drinking water and Alkaline water, mulls expand market penetration via modern trade, OEM order for B2B, firms on Bt4b full year revenue target.

Comment: I have liked this company in the past for their cashflows, but their management is sleepy and now its linked to SABUY, automatic shit list.

TTB: to report 1Q net profit after close, Bt3.853b consensus.

ZIGA sees earning bottoming out in 1Q23, and will recover from 2Q, thanks to its steel business, will resume bitcoin mining, 80 of 200 machines, as current price is attractive.

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