AOT to still report net losses this year, after only 19m pax traffic in 7M22, way below 62.13 FY22 target, which soon to be revised lower.

Comment: Valued as if Chinese tourists are going to be here in force in 2 months

CEYE: content management, digital marketing, on/offline media solutions, Chamni’s Eye, debut IPO 70m shares at Bt 3.86/share, Capital One partner leads.

Comment: BOOM, congratulations to those that got the shares. Anything that is considered “digital” in Thailand is enjoying high valuations.

CPW maintained 40% FY22 revenue growth target driven by positive momentum on IT products sales, full year contribution from mobile devices & accessories distributor (IBIZ Plus Network), tailwind from newly launched iPad Air & larger segment coverage via U-Store to gain exposure from college students.

Comment: The consumer purchases of IT products can’t be sustained from 2020-2021, are people really going to be replacing the ipads that they just bought to WFH?

EE sees 1Q22 operation on track, revenue stream from 80% stake in Cannabis Way (CW) to boost 2Q, and to start booking revenue from CBDB in Lampoon in 3Q.

SCG Chemical, a unit of SCC, mulls $3b IPO this year, the largest ever IPO in Thailand, surpassing $2.3b CRC’s in 2020.

Comment: Not mulling, it’s going ahead.

TACC upbeats 2Q earnings from improved beverage sales during summer season & +SSSG at 7-11, contribution from Bon Café & non 7-11 clients, mulls adding hemp infused drinks menu in 2H, reaffirms solid turnaround this year.

Comment: People think that Taobin (forth/fsmart) is taking the market away from TACC/7-11, I doubt it, but let’s see of the coming quarters/years.

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