AOT’s offering discount campaign for airlines (commercial/charter) who able to add on extra int’l flights aside from current allocated flight slots to 6 airports under AOT mgt, Bt175 landing fee discount will be given for every 1 additional increase passenger, reduction will be given up to 75% of landing fee for that extra flight, prog last for 5 months from November 1 till Mar 31,24 to help airlines and promote tourism on holiday season.

Comment: Even AOT is offering discounts….I have a feeling that the domestic market is doing far worse than what the general investing public realises…there’s no year end holiday scheme/tax bonuses coming. Government is betting mainly on the THB 10k scheme which is (if it comes) due mid ’24.

CHAYO reported Bt9.15b bad debts purchased in 10M23 under Bt800m budget, allots Bt1b to add more for the last 2 months, firms on 25% FY rev growth target.

Comment: They’ll face the same questions as BAM & JMT, can they collect on the NPLs and what is the IRR?

LEO signed strategic partnership with China state agency, Shandong Port Group (SPG) to provide total logistics solution for agriculture EXIM between Thailand & China.

TOA announced buyback up to 60m shares (2.96% of paid-up) under Bt1.5b budget, starts from Nov 20 till May 17, 24.

Comment: At one point capital should flow back…but for TOA its a question of margins as oil prices continue to be high, and their GPMs will remain squeezed

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