AOT: cabinet approved DMK airport expansion phase 3 to accommodate 40m passenger traffic p.a. from current 30m, 3rd passenger terminal & 6th parking bay to be added under Bt36.829b budget.

Comment: Getting ready for China + India to visit Thailand en masse

CHIC selected by GRAND for interior design and furnishing of hi-end projects, ANIL Sathorn 12.

GFPT eyes 5-10% FY23 sales growth target, margin above 15% supported by higher chicken exports volume yoy on larger client port, higher utilization rate at production plant, allots Bt1b-1.2b capex to up capacity of boiled chicken plant to 6k tons/month by eo-FY24.

Comment: Trend over, chicken prices peaked for now…wait for another 2-3 years before looking at this name again.

SC maintains 11 new launch plan (10 SDH,1 condo) in 4Q total Bt19b, 3 condos including The Crest Park Residences, Scope Langsuan and Scope Promsri kick-off transfer from Dec, 300k sq.m. e-commerce warehouse under jv Flash group on track to cod 1Q24.

Comment: Evidence that Thaksin had bailed out Flash earlier this year.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ Comment: Getting ready for China + India to visit Thailand en masse: India i believe this too, but regarding China i am not so sure, with all the nonsense going on in china nowadays.

    sure, there will be some chinese tourists (and with the sheer number of the chinese population their numbers may still be somewhat considerable), but ‘en masse’ – maybe not.

      • peter satrapa-binder

        I rather meant the short-term future. Who can really forecast what will happen in 3-5 years? Maybe Xi Jinping will be history by then and china will open much more… maybe they will clamp down on existing freedoms even more. or maybe their economy will have weakened by then.

        the only thing which now seems to be reasonably sure now is that soon there will be more indians than chinese in this world. 🙂

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