ASW in 51% jv with Japan’s Takara Leben to develop a condo projects worth Bt1.35b under KAVE brand near Kaset Uni, their 2nd jv.

BGRIM coded 140mw Amata Bgrim Power (ABP1R) co-gen power plant on Nov 29.

BJC upbeats 4Q earnings from positive SSSG at Big C hypermarket, surging traffic at mini Big C on travelling season, higher recurring income from improved OCC, lower expense aft added solar rooftop.

Comment: I had completely forgotten that the world cup was on…well there you go, consumer spending and purchases through the roof at all of these supermarkets, convenience stores, black market is going do well, lots of gambling happening

BTS will raise fares by ~7% from next year, on higher electricity and staff costs, to ~Bt17-Bt47 from Jan 1 from Bt16-Bt44 now.

Comment: Ouch….and they still don’t have the packages back yet….but increasing volume + higher fare rates…

HL to open 3 more drug stores in December, to reach 11 targeted for this year, bringing total to 36, firms on 20% revenue growth target this year, after +22.5% 9M22.

Comment: Continues to perform well, I’ll just keep saying, go and find Boots Thailand’s numbers, its publicly available at the MoC, and then you’ll understand the potential for HL

JKN launches drinking water, MU water, out on sales at convenience stores nationwide from 2Q23, target Bt250m-300m revenue contribution p.a.

Comment: But the owner just dumped his/her shares……and I can’t imagine how a water drink from JKN is going to achieve THB 300 mn in sales…say its 20 baht a bottle, that’s 15 mn p.a., 41,000 bottles a day. Assuming they’re in every 7-11 in bkk …. ~6k stores, so 7 bottles per day? possible…..but still!

SCGP sets Bt450m to expand packaging solutions in ASEAN, with latest acquisition in flexible packaging from Cyber Print Group.

SIRI reaffirms big jump 4Q22 from Bt9b backlog scheduled to transfer in December, Bt5b from 2 SDH under Sansiri Luxury Collection and Bt4b from 3 condos including XT Phayathai, XT Huaykwang & The Muve Kaset, maintains Bt 35b FY transfer target.

SUPER coded 6mw community waste powerplant on Nov 30, tally total to 24mw.

  1. Delta has just overtaken PTT as the largest market cap on the SET lol, reminds me of when JTS overtook the market caps of every single bank..

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