AOT: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) launched direct flight from Copenhagen to BKK for winter schedule (Oct 30 till Apr 2, 24), the first direct flight after suspended for 10 years.

Comment: They didn’t make money the first time around, so they will now?

CPAXT plans to invest Bt25-27b in FY24 to expand Makro wholesale, Lotus’s grocery, to capture revival of HORECA sector, upgrade in-store tech, last-mile delivery and e-commerce solutions to build synergies and efficiency, mulls increasing house brand products, premium retail stores to boost margin.

Comment: What about less crappy chinese fruits and vegetables? Regardless, it’s a balance sheet issue for CPAXT. Increasing rates are just going to hurt them.

BYD firms on financial viability despite shrinking liquidity in 3Q due to heavy investment in EV, will take delivery of 300 e-bus in 4Q to expand Thai Smile Bus business, seeing opportunity to expand concession on new route, broker business operation as usual, NC Bt2.9b & NCR 863% can cope with headwind.

PSH sets up Capitaland Wellness Fund with Capitaland Investment, both jointly committed initial equity of S$350m.

Comment: My first thought – so singapore is now diversifying away from Charoen? I’m not sure what the competitive advantage PSH has but let’s see, the group has built 1 hospital…

PR9 may report solid 3Q on Nov 10, on seasonal, strong specialty clinic and foreign patients, Tabloid.

Comment: Hospitals are doing gangbuster figures – everyone got sick in October

RS appointed KGI to be FA for listing RS Music on SET.

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