AOT said flight schedule at 6 of its airports during winter rose 20.32%, sees continued growth in Chinese arrivals to 16% of overall next year from 12.9% current, while it’s normal to see Chinese carriers returning flight slots in Nov 23 – Mar 24, while Bt30/pax rise in PSC should bring in additional Bt3.6b rev p.a.

Comment: Chinese visitors to Thailand are still belong expectations, but it has continually improved nonetheless. Until Winnie the Xi decides he’s done brainwashing his comrades before letting them leave the country again.

DSI raided CPAXT branch outskirt of BKK, on alleged involvement in illegal swine products imports.

Comment: Well that’s a twist of fate for CP Group. I suppose pigs can fly.

CPF’s food unit, Five Star Chicken, collab with BCP’s bio-aviation fuel unit (BSGF) to supply waste cooking oil from fried chicken to produce sustainable aviation fuel, target 5k branches joining program by end of FY24.

PRM target 10% revenue growth next year driven by higher utilization rate of floating storage unit, revenue recognition from offshore support & crew boat for PTTEP, improved activity on O&G transport, sets Bt2b capex to add 2-3 tankers.

Comment: Urgh, this name was incredibly well-positioned to perform well mid year but the share price didn’t move….not sure what the Thai market needs to see even with tanker rates & earnings going up.

TQM launches car title loan business, aiming to capitalize on existing auto insurance clients, target Bt10b loan by end of FY26.

TTB launches insurance brokerage unit, TTB Broker, focusing on motor insurance & related products, aiming to boost fee income and capitalize on existing 2.4m bank clients that own vehicles, but only 15% (336k) that bought insurance policy through the bank, seeks to expand loans thru new/used car dealers, parts suppliers, car makers.

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