AOT says plans to invest Bt120bn in second airports for Chiang Mai and Phuket. It expects to get board approval on May 25. On April 25, the AOT board approved a decision to accept a contract to manage four more airports (Udon Thani, Sakon Nakorn, Tak, and Chumporn) for the Department of Airports. This is part of the government’s project to promote second-tier tourist destinations . ) Kao Sod 1/5/2018(
Comment: All of this news are plans that have been clearly laid out by the company for quite some time

DIF is recapitalizing to acquire new assets. DIF feels sure new units will be over-subscribed. The price will be set on May 14 in the range of Bt13.6-13.9/unit. It expects 5G technology to require more telecom towers. It is recapitalizing to acquire a third asset for Bt55bn, which will raise its assets to Bt170bn. (Bangkok Post, 2/5/2018)
Comment: And that saves True from an equity recap

JAS plans to invest Bt7-10bn in a telecom network for internet services. It expects to sell assets to JASIF late this year. Pete Bodharamik, Chief Executive Officer of JAS, said in the annual general meeting that it plans to invest Bt7-10bn for installation of Fibre-To-The Home (FTTx) throughout the country. (Post Today, 2/5/2018)

NWR is hopeful for this year’s performance after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of NWR about the canal waste water treatment pond. It reports winning a high-margin project worth Bt3bn. For the full year, the firm expects to achieve the same revenue as in 2017. (Than Hoon, May 2, 2018)
Comment: I think that the stock is cheap but but but but you need the punters here. And with the big boys taking up the majority of the gov projects, and the private sector being slightly quiet, there hasn’t been much out there for NWR.

PLANB is poised to benefit from the high season for ad spending in 2Q18, which will raise utilization rate to 75% from 70% in 1Q18. The firm also expects to acquire more new assets both out-ofhome and in the airports. (Than Hoon, 2/5/18)

Precious Shipping PLC (PSL) expects freight and gross margin to rise. PSL reported good 4Q17 results despite a loss for the full year 2017. Freight rate has increased 31% YoY in 1Q18, in line with BDI. Its gross margin has widened to 34.9%, wider QoQ and YoY on good cost control at US$4,451/ship/day. (Manager Daily, 2/5/2018)
Comment: Industry specific, # of ships coming online dropped dramatically due to cancellations in the past 3-4 years, led to BDI prices increasing. Everything is understandable with the benefit of hindsight

ROBINS will go full bore into the online business this year. It will pair the online with traditional marketing strategy, i.e. marketing campaigns at every holiday to stimulate the purchasing power all year this year. It expects to introduce two more brands this year. (Than Hoon, 2/5/2018)

STEC expects revenue of Bt25bn, +25-30% YoY. Shareholders are asking the company to do a share repurchase. Pakpoom Srichamni, chairman of the management committee, said in the annual shareholder meeting that it expects revenue of Bt25bn, growth of 25-30% YoY. It recently signed four contracts worth Bt27.4bn which brought backlog to Bt103bn. (Post Today, 2/5/2018)
Comment: Well story is the same. Nothing new, still dominating

The firm is certain it will reach revenue of Bt5bn in 2018. It is in negotiation with one or two new clients that it hopes to sign on this year. The firm also expects revenue from Indochina region to grow about 30% this year. (Than Hoon, 5/2/2018)

TSF is expanding new billboard advertising in PTT gas stations to reach 300 stations this year, bringing up the total billboard advertising for the firm to 1.8K nationwide. With this, its total revenue capacity will be Bt497mn for this year. (Than Hoon, 2/5/2018)

Comment: If true, this changes the picture for this company quite rapidly, a few years ago it was linked to the 7-11 stores, and then that failed. 

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