AOT lowers passenger projection this year to 31.9%, down 33.4% from earlier projection in November 20, flights down 25% to 335,459, and expects things to turn back to pre-Covid in 2024.AOT reports full system tested on automated people mover (APM) system at SIA satellite 1, will be able to carry up to 6k passenger/hour to main terminal a km away, target cod in April.

Comment: The YoY #s are going to look amazing towards the end of the year. What is anything worth in tourism related businesses today? 0? asset value? The shares are still pricing in a 2018 level of performance.

EASTW upbeats FY21 earnings from recovery water demand from industrial estates clients, expects to seal additional 20m lb ft sales contract this year, firms on 300m lb ft full year target.

GFPT expects to report solid earnings next week from insurance claims, strong chickens sales volume and selling price, Bt1.15b consensus, Tabloid.

Comment: Soybean prices have me worried for my agri/food plays. Just have a look.

NOBLE launches new flagship 46 stories 546 units high-rise projects, Noble Form Thonglor, total Bt5.4b, target completion FY24.

Comment: What property crisis? As a friend mentions over and over again, Thonglor is a graveyard for developers.

PTTGC targets 8-10% sales growth FY21, expects average chemical products selling price higher yoy, target full year revenue growth no less than 10%, seeks bargain hunting thru M&A to boost inorganic growth.

TRUE received 26 GHz license for 5G expansion in industrial sector in EEC.

Comment: EEC is CP Group land, over the coming decade they will own the roads/rail/telecom’s going to/from the area.

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