ADVANC targets 1mil new 5G customers, 1.6m home BB internet this year, sets Bt25-30b capex to expand networks, sees low single digit growth in service revenue.

BAY’s auto loan unit, Ngern Tid Lor, submitted filing to SEC to sell IPO 1.043b shares.

Comment: Now we’ll see behind the curtain of one of the largest players. Whispers tell me that it will be mid-year

DCC anticipates record high profit after tap in large format porcelain tiles, will use proceed from warrant exercised to re-payment to reduce interest expense, sees lower expense this year as majority of outlets is wholly owned only few on rent.

Comment: I am still hopeful that the as a result of businesses being shut in Bangkok and the population returning to their provinces that each province becomes more prosperous and less reliant upon the capital. And this will then be shown in the #’s of DCC.

EASON sees motorbike’s paint sales pick up since 4Q20, expects auto sector gradually improves this year, adds coating product to tap in other industrial manufacturers, will curb SG&A to boost margins.

GCAP sees meaningful turnaround from larger hire-purchase lending after signed MOU with logistic giant, Nim Se Seng, in December to extend loans for agricultural & transport sectors, starting 2Q21.

Comment: This is effectively a government financing entity, that at times figures out how to make a profit when there’s a decent CEO and then reverts back to nothing afterwards.

PTTEP cod gas production at Malaysia’s offshore Block H projects under JV Petronas & Pertamina, estimate daily output of 270m cu ft/day.

THAI says it’s ready for the all-important task of transporting the first 200,000 doses of vaccines from China next Wednesday. THAI launches 2nd round of early retirement program, from February 19 till April 19, effective May 1

Comment: There’s a lot of unemployed pilots and stewards’ roaming the country these days.

THCOM sees revenue this year on par with last year, due to transition from concessions to licensing and new tech, sees returning to profit within 1-2 years, in talks with partner to build new satellite to replace Thaicom 4.

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