AOT: mulls sending subsidiary, AOTGA, to replace THAI for ground operations, will signs Bt 9.7b SIA 3rd runway construction contract with NWR in August., target cod FY23.

Comment: But all the news is about the reduction in income from the duty free player…

ILM: launch built-in & custom made furniture services, Younique, to fill demand for WFH, home renovation and individual lifestyle.

IHL: expects big jump 2H20 from strong auto upholstery sales thanks to ample booking of Toyota Corolla Cross from BKK motor show event.

KBANK: to resale treasury shares from buyback total 23.932m shares from August 31 till September 16.

Comment: Well done KBANK, buy high sell low.

NOK: filing bankruptcy, seek debt rehab to ensure sustainable airline operations.

Comment: Another one bites the dust. Airasia next? I don’t think so for the Thai entity.

PTT: retail unit, PTTOR, roll out EV charging service, will add to 17 PTT stations before end of year, seek to expand wallbox installation service via its auto maintenance vendor, FIT Auto.

Comment: I still don’t see EV being mainstream for the next decade. 

RML: maintaining Bt 2.5b full year revenue target supporting by Bt 8.37b outstanding backlog, target >Bt 1.5b sales in 2H after logged Bt 1.32b earlier this year.

Non-bank lenders expects to take hit from Government Saving Bank plans to tap in consumer finance business within 6 months. MTC, SAWAD and KTC to counter with flexible re-payment terms & faster credit approval, tabloid.

Comment: MTC and SAWAD have their own industry penetration issues (how many more vehicles can be financed?), KTC is in a different playing field from what GSB wants to get into, and at the end of the day, a government entity will compete on financing costs and lending rates but will be a far slower move than these private players. 

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @PTT regarding EV: even it won’t be mainstream anytime soon – even if it will be only 5 – 10 % of vehicles in the near future it would still be a big market…

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