AOT awards NWR with Bt9.7b contract to build a 3rd runway, ready for commercial in 2023.

BGRIM upbeats 3Q earnings from lower feedstock cost for SPP as gas price drops, recovery demand for electricity from industrial users, to invest 130-150mw windfarm in Korea, gas-fired powerplants in Vietnam total 2,700mw and 250mw SPP in Malaysia, Bt9b working cap, Bt19b CF, 1.1x D/E ensure growth without cash call.

CPF’s unit, Chia Tai Investment, enters into an equity acquisition agreement to acquire 43 entities operating swine business in China worth $4.1b, or Bt131.3b, from another co within its group. CTI will settle the deal by issuing new share to the seller within the group, no cash movement.

Comment: There’s a lot of activity going on with several companies at the moment. This one….well its a restructuring of the shares. Aiming to boost the profit figures of CPF.

CRC announced tender offer for all of COL securities at Bt19 apiece, will delist co., from the exchange.

Comment: Makes sense. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them relist it in the future. Apparently their net profit may increase 5-8% with this acquisition.

IP sees strong 3Q on growth in 4 core business, sets 25% sale growth target in 3 years.

MC’s confident of solid 1Q21, ending September 20, after 12% sales jump in first 2 month (Jul-Aug), with plan to launch new collections every quarter.

NWR wins 2 underground walkway tunnels projects through Na Phra Lan road & Maharaj road adjacent to grand palace from BMA worth Bt940m total.

PLANB acquires 15% stake in real-time bus lines, bus location and routings searching app, VIA BUS, from Via Group, expects value additions to its smart bus shelter pavilion projects, enhancing the cost optimization of the corporation.

TPOLY wins passenger terminal expansion projects for Surat Thani international airport worth Bt169m.

Comment: But will they deliver with their #’s? 

UAC to be added to FTSE Micro Cap on September 18.

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