AP to transfer 11 JV condo projects under LIFE Asoke-Rama-9 in August, after 95% sold.

Comment: This will be interesting to watch.

AWC: GIC cuts holding by 0.187% to 4.8684% of total outstanding on Monday (June 8), SEC filing.

EGCO sees no impact on power gen from C19, 640mw offshore windfarm in Taiwan (25% holding) to cod in 4Q, expects to benefit from USD debt on strong THB.

KBANK admits having small exposure to THAI’s massive debts, but full provisions had been set aside.

Comment: The pain is with the international lenders more than the Thai banks.

KKP and TISCO may use as much as Bt3.7b in retained earnings to prop up their profit this year, Tabloid.

Comment: Not sure how this is financially possible, thai tabloids better go back to learn accounting 101

TOP sets $4.6b 5-year capex for investment and debt repayment, with $1.8b earmarked for this year.

SINGER upbeats outlook 2H from positive car title loan momentum, seeks to add branches upcountry to expand network, maintain full year NPL target below 7%.

Comment: One of the few companies to be up YTD, Just imagine that they can mimic MTC or SAWAD.

SISB confirmed school reopening schedule on Monday (Jun 15).

Comment: And then the summer holidays come, this government is stupid.

SYNEX’s appointed by esports & gaming equipment co, Razer, to be sole distributor in Thailand.

VIBHA raised holding in RAM by 0.1875% to 5.0682% of total outstanding last Friday (June 5), SEC filing.

  1. Think the banks are going to cut their provision reserves this year to prop up the profit number perhaps? I know BBL threw in the kitchen sink 4Q19 to boost the coverage ratio to a whooping 220%.

    • Usual game of banks…play with the provision and NPL #s, what I am thinking about more is that liquidity is being taken out of the thai banking system and since 2015 I’ve been thinking that domestic banks will to be in a situation similar to what Korean and Japanese banks are in.

  2. International schools are taking advantage of the virus situation. Teachers have been on 20-30% reduced salaries (taht is assuming they are doing online teaching). Now that the schools are opening, teachers will stay on reduced salary until August. Education – a good business if you can get into it (and its’ profits are tax free). The only one I know of that is publicy traded is SISB. Q3 2020 results should look good.

    • Part of me think’s international schools in bangkok are peaking…demand of new kids continually declining, # of schools that have opened up are massive, wondering how they will maintain quality. But yes SISB’s #’s will still continue to look good for now.

      • Thanks, Pon. Originally I invested in the IPO for long term tax free growth and dividends. Now, I day trade occasionally, if market sentiment provides an opportunity. and there is always that risk that they will lose their tax-free status. ”depends on the benjamins, baby” .

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