AAV will ask regulators to change the rule requiring airlines to keep middle seats open, aiming to increase capacity ahead of the government’s domestic tourism promotion next month.

Comment: I’m flying tonight and rather happy that I didn’t have to pay to book a seat. Now, the average price of an Air Asia ticket has increased as a result of the reduced capacity 

BCP sees 2H recovery in fuel sales, betting on Government’s tourism promotion in 3Q, yet admitting 10% drop in sales this year, toning down new gas stations to 54-55 this year.

BTS expects ridership returning to normal 3Q onward as traffic improves from 100ktpd during lockdown in April to 400ktpd average in May, school reopening in July should boost traffic.

Comment: Keep in mind that they used to average 600-700k per day.

KTB to keep supporting THAI so it can continue to operate, will have put aside Bt6b provision by end of 2Q.

INET upbeats outlook from fast growing cloud solutions on the back of WFH, co-location, online demand for food delivery, e-commerce, e-banking, seeks to expand data analytic, IoT platforms to serve demand for IT maintenance costs saving.

Comment: If only INET was capably managed.

MC sees 5-6% fall in revenue, emphasizes on cost control and online sales.

Comment: In a month? Day? YoY? I think their sales must be crushed atm. Unless they are doing massive buy 1 get 1 I don’t see how revenue can be decent. And if its the case w/ discounts => margins are rubbish.

PTTEP to sell US$500m 7years CD at 2.587% p.a.

RBF’s firm on 10-12% revenue growth target on steady orders and increased capacity.

Comment: I kick myself for missing this, I let the 2 hotels on their b/s distract me.

SAWAD firms on 20% revenue growth target 2Q20, NPLs within 4-6% range, worries free provision after set aside Bt1.5b in 1Q.

Comment: I’m hearing a lot of strange moves being taken by the BoT and SEC recently, lets see what’s announced next week.

TACC anticipates drinks sales recovery from 24/7 operating hours at 7-11 after curfew is lifted.

THAI mulls delaying yet again the resumption of scheduled flights to August 1, said board member Pirapan Salirathavibhaga.

Comment: Once its in bankruptcy, who knows.

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