AP reports 10M21 sales at Bt31.2b, account for 88% of Bt35.5b full year target, mostly from SDH projects (Bt28.59b) will launch 12 horizontal projects total Bt8.57b (9 townhome & 3 SDH) for remained 2 months.

Comment: Amazed? Shouldn’t be, competition is gone.

BEM sees average tollway usage reached 1.2m trips/day while Department of Rail transport sees MRT ridership topped 200k passenger on the 1st week of schools reopen.

GULF may slip out of SET100, if SET uses turnover ratio at 2.5%, Trinity Securities.

IVL upbeats 4Q outlook from healthy demand for PET & Integrated Oxides & derivatives (IOD) supported by improved consumption & industrial activities, expects demand for technical fibers for tire cord, air bag recovery after semiconductor shortage eased.

SABUY sets 50% revenue growth target for next year, driven by payment solution, financial services and selling platform. To install its own ATM machines in front of 7-11 stores, sets Bt1.5-2b capex next year.

Comment: That is a gangbuster development.

SNC lifted FY21 revenue growth target to 50% yoy from 25% after logged 50% growth 9M21, mulls up capacity to accommodate export sales of OEM appliances & vehicle parts.

Comment: This is more to do with 2020 being such an awful year for SNC.

Potential additions to SET100 are TIDLOR, KEX, BPP, STARK, BLA, RCL, EPG, DCC, TTA, SIRI, replacing AAV, BJC, DELTA, ICHI, JAS, NRF, PRM, PSL, RS, TKN, while TIDLOR, BANPU and KEX are likely be added to SET50 as well, Tabloid.

Comment: There’s already a lot of of moving around these names.

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