ADVANC sets Bt25-30b 5G capex next year, while AISCB to start lending services 1Q22, penetrating 43m its customer base., sees strong data traffic next year supported by Metaverse trend, roll out bundled 5G handset and air time package to boost market share.

Comment: SCB is no longer restricted to its own branch network.

Britania, a unit of ORI, said its 252.65m share IPO filing has been accepted by the SEC.

Comment: This will keep them afloat.

PIN: industrial estate park & logistic warehouse operator, Pintong Industrial Park, debuts IPO 290m shares @ Bt3.9/share, MAY-KE & Krungsri co-lead.

Comment: Passed on this IPO, do not regret doing so. May have a little pop.

PTTEP: target FY22 sales growth >6-7% yoy, avg selling vol above 417k bblpd from contribution from Block 61 in Oman, full year recognition of Sabah Block H in Malaysia, production from Bongkot field, will replace outgoing Chevron-operated Erawan gas field by April 24, 22.

Comment: If oil remains above 75, its going to be a great 2-3Q’s of earnings for PTTEP

SUN’s firm on 10-15% revenue growth target this year, solid 4Q as expected after securing 2,000 containers of orders worth Bt800-1,000m.

Rabbit Cash, a venture unit of VGI, AEONTS & HUMAN, launches digital P-loan, 100% credit analytic via alternative data, approval via mobile, will offer to employees via corporate partners at 1st phase, public offering 1Q22, target Bt2-3b new loan for 1st year.

Comment: I have been banging at management to do something more with their rabbit card. They know exactly where people move on the BTS, where they spend money for food purchases and small item purchases, and are not restricted by the BOT.

RAM: par changed to Bt0.10 from 0.5, effective today.

Comment: Looks like there is no retail pump

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    just comparing the two new shared from yesterday and today:

    – BE8, although it popped quite a lot yesterday (from the IPO price of thb 10.-/share) has – compared to others in related businesses – still a quite reasonable P/E

    – PIN is quite expensive relative to other industrial park/warehouse operators, even though it didn’t rise that much above its IPO price so far

    also, I’d say that anything to do with online technology/business seems currently to be a rather more attractive biz than industrial parks.

    • Thai IT co’s finally figured out how to sell western tech to local co’s.
      Wouldn’t be surprised to see the high valuations continue.

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