AP will launch 11 residential pj total Bt9.59b by eo-1Q (4 SDH & 7 townhome), pre-sales kick off Mar 26-27, maintained full year launch plan 65 projects total Bt78b (29 townhome Bt25.2b, 26 SDH Bt35.6b, 5 condo Bt13b & 5 projects upcountry Bt4.2b), eyes Bt50b full year sales, Bt47b revenue target.

Comment: Remember that when you’re seeing these figures that the total # of units transacted in the SDH and TH market Bangkok hasn’t changed over the past 6-7 years, it’s just been a battle of market share.

JMT: BBLAM raised holding by 0.3649% to 5.1633% of total outstanding on March 7.

Comment: Blue skies ahead for JMT.

PLANB revised up FY22 revenue target to Bt6.3b from Bt5.8b on improving OOH media outlook form higher ad spending, contribution from additional ad space from recently acquired AQUA.

TQM’s board approved plan to buy 44.35% stake in TQR from major shareholder, and to tender for the rest at Bt5.10 in 2Q, firms on record Bt1b NP this year.

Comment: One has to wonder what is going on here.

TRUBB’s hemp unit, Thaitex, CBD Smart Farm, gets 2 clients on board Salus Bioceutical & ALPHAX, expects to harvest 12 acres hemp farm in Chiangmai in June, delivery in 2H, mulls spin-off hemp farm on the exchange.

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