BANPU to increase investment this year by 58.5% to $1.3b, mainly in energy generation ($700m) and gas business ($500m), with internal cashflows. Intalks to buy new PP with capacity expansion to at least match last year’s 800MWs rise, coal sales 42-43m tons expected this year.

Comment: It’s indo sub is paying out 25% divvy’s on last years profits, on this years? maybe 40%.

ICHI eyes Bt6.5b FY22 sales target, adding CBD mixed drinks & carbonated drinks to diversify from tea beverage, sees positive sales momentum from Indonesia market, will wrap up 2 OEM contracts this year.

NYT: KSAM raised holding by 0.403% to 5.1565% of total outstanding on Mon (Mar 7).

Comment: Always liked NYT, it’s a great monopoly on car exports, now the question is just one of price and volume growth/recovery for the co.

PROEN mulls M&A in data center in 1-2 months, sees solid 1Q22 after adding co-location and product lines, keeps 20% revenue growth target.

ROJANA reassures FY22 earnings visibility from 320 acres industrial land, backlog total Bt2.6b pending to realize, full year contribution of 470mw Rojana Power, upside from hemp business under jv Herb Treasure & EV venture with EVLOMO.

Comment: I thought that they had lost EVLOMO to CP Group.

SCC mulls revising down FY22 capex from current Bt80b to curb expense, will hike chem & cement selling price to compensate higher costs, plans to sell up to 25.2% in SCG Chemical via IPO for expansion.

Comment: Coal prices are going to kill the margins for the cement biz, unless they’re going to 3x the prices.

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