APCO kick-off exports cancer treatment products to Chinese partner in July, will add more anti-aging & slimming products on line-up in 3Q, mulls expand capacity as average order from China > 1 ton/month.

Comment: Their business model is to peddle rubbish “health” products via MLMs.

BGRIM sets Bt300b 10-year capex to boost capacity to 10,000 MW and Bt100b revenue, no plan to raise capital in next 5-year, eyes 3-4 M&A deals with 300-500MW this year.

CBG’s subsidiary, Tawandaeng 1999, debuts 2 products, Tendo JPN whisky & Tae Yang KR soju, out on sales at 7-11.

Comment: Quietly eating into THBEV’s market share.

FORTH upbeats outlook from positive feedback on fresh coffee & beverage vending machines, Tao Bin Cafe, target 20k units within FY24.

Comment: Great PR, I have q marks on the longevity of this. Until then it’s going to drive #’s.

III anticipates solid 2H from surged traffic both sea & land logistic on improving exports, contribution from investment in freight forwarder, Ship Smile, expects to get strategic partner on board in 3Q.

Comment: Everyone’s waiting to see what other new partnerships are coming. If they don’t materialise, the share price will look like a christmas tree, if they do, the nike swoosh continues.

IVL to build new PET recycling plant in Indonesia with 2,000m bottles/year capacity, expected COD in 2023.

MENA: transportation infra construction services co., Mena Transport, debuts IPO 184m shares at Bt1.2 apiece.

Comment: Same storryy, small float big upside.

SPRC anticipates meaningful turnaround from higher GRM & sales volume yoy, tailwind from stock gains and absence of major capex.

TRC wins combined cycle cogen power plants construction (BAPT2 & 3) total Bt154.8m.

UNIQ wins civil works contract for 21.8km Don Mueang-Nava Nakorn Section for Bt10.57b.

Comment: The mood for contractors is buoyant again. But still far below where it was when Prayuth and friends first did their coup.

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