BCH said 9k out of 10k beds filled as cases jump, expects positive momentum carry thru 2H on arrival of Delta & Lambda variants, in talk insurers to cover those self-quarantine/non-healthcare setting as beds filled.

Comment: We’re going through the whole alphabet for the wuflu. Hospitals will peak with 2Q earnings.

CPW upbeats 2H earnings from explosive demand for IT products on resurgence of pandemic, adds more supplies for WHF, distance learning, gaming, expects higher sales yoy from improved online platform, maintaining 20% FY21 revenue growth target.

Comment: How many more people will still buy IT products? I can’t see the purchasing power being there. Still of the viewpoint that we’ll see IT purchases decline over the 6-12 months in volume.

EGCO eyes M&A >700MW, including 2-3 imminent ones in the US, boosting renewable energy portion to 30%, while speeding up talks with partners in battery business, aiming to expand EV value chain.

GLOBAL reaffirms solid 2Q from positive SSSG >30% yoy, wider margins from house brand products, tailwind from shopping stimulus, plans to add 5-7 outlets p.a., firms on 15% FY21 revenue growth target.

IRPC sees no impact from fire incident at plastic factory in outskirt BKK on Sunday, as it’s not one of the client, but in similar business. If anything, it is ready to step in to support supply chain from disruption.

S is in deal with Genesis Block in HK, allowing it to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its property from foreigners.

Comment: At the end of the day S will still have to sell it in a local exchange to receive THB. Although now I’m thinking in legal terms for the owners of the units when they have to sell and repatriate capital back home. How will they prove to the BOT that they brought in funds into Thailand to purchase a property to repatriate the profits/losses from the sold real estate unit?

SIRI’s completed Bt16b in 1H21 transfers, 53% of Bt31b this year target, plans 20 new projects worth Bt19.4b in 2H.

TCAP’s board approved acquisition of insurance business from MBK including MBK Life, TM Broker & TM Services total Bt486.52m.

Comment: Life pocket, right pocket, same owners.

TKT anticipates meaningful turnaround from new parts order for 3 new hybrid models for Toyota, wider margins from improved utilization rate and lower SG&A.

TQM sees no impact from lower Covid insurance sales aft insurers weekend on surging new cases; Covid vaccine insurance sales able to protect downside, maintaining Bt1b FY21 sales target.

Comment: They will see a drop in these sales in due time, they’ll have to quickly figure out how to grow other insurance products.

XO is ready to start exporting hemp-derived sauce in September, boosting revenue up 10% and profit up 30-40% this year.

Comment: Love it. Holland is the obvious market.

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