APCS mulls to sell raw water business in EEC area, focus on core business, metal precision parts for auto, ventilation, optic, medical & solar business.

AWC inked deal Nobu Hospitality to estimate Nobu Restaurant at rooftop of Empire Tower, target cod in 4Q, plans to add 1-2 hotels over 5-6 years.

Comment: They aren’t acquiring hotels left/right/centre just yet, why? banks are still keeping several players alive. If you’ve been to the key tourist destinations you’ll notice that destruction of the tourism infrastructure.

EGCO completed acquisition of 28% stake in 972mw Linden Cogen powerplants in New Jersey, will realize earnings from 3Q21 onward.

IRPC reaffirms solid 2Q from wider chem spreads & stock gains yoy, developing HVA EV battery parts to serve PTT Group & external clients.

NWR sees Bt500m revenue impact from 1mth construction camp closure, will revise FY21 revenue growth guidance from current 20-30%.

PRINC to open for booking Moderna vaccine at Bt1,700/shot on July 5.

Comment: Jumping on the bandwagon, as is every other major hospital group. I don’t know who gets the best margins here. The government, the logistic players, or the hospitals.

SECURE: data center security, network & threat protection services co., Nforce Secure Pcl, debuts 27.74m shares at Bt16 apiece, Yuanta leads.

Comment: Small float, small name = POP

SIRI says 30 day closure of construction sites in Bangkok + 5 provinces has no impact of transfer target this year, after having transferred Bt14.7b in 1H, almost 50% of Bt31b this year target.

Comment: Well it does you donkey kongs’. This leads to less capital flowing, less customers walking in etc etc.

TFG anticipates swine selling price remained high till 1H22 from tight outputs from local Vietnam, maintaining 10-15% FY21 revenue growth target.

Comment: Swine prices have fallen from their peaks in China and Vietnam by -20-40% (varies per region) , and I wonder how their margins will be given the movements in soybean prices.

TKN in talk Chinese partner to launch co-brand non-seaweed snacks, will launch 2-3 products in 2H, maintaining Bt4.1b-4.3b FY21 sales target.

Comment: Looks like that takeover of TKH never happened. Can someone mention to me 1 Thai brand (of a listed player) that has done well in China?

WHAUP to wrap up solar farm and wind farm PP acquisition in Vietnam by end of year 340MW total capacity, keeps 25% revenue growth target this year from Bt2.6b last year on higher water and electricity sales.

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