AQ reported Bt20mn profit in 1Q18 from Bt60mn loss in the same period of last year. Management reveals a plan to launch three new projects in areas with potential this year and is preparing to sell land via auction to repay bank debt. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
ETE reported 1Q18 earnings growing strongly 40.54% YoY to Bt24.3mn, supported by engineering services and solar power business including securities equipment. The company targets total revenue to reach Bt2bn in this year and currently studies new partner and M&A opportunities. ( Naewna 12 / 5 / 18 )
JWD reveals the possible good news in 2Q18 with earnings contributions from cold storage business in Indonesia  and food-service business in Taiwan. The company will expand investment in ASEAN continually. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
KTB targets doubling its market share in international business from 3-4% to 6-7% with the aim of boosting international transactions by 18% this year from Bt660bn last year. ( Than Settakij, 14 / 5 / 18 )
KTC has a board meeting today. The market expects the board to consider a par slit to Bt1/share.  Meanwhile, there is a speculation that KTC may be included in the MSCI calculation. ( Khao Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
Comment: And that could help the stock move by another what? 5-10%?
NCL’s service revenue rose 24.5% YoY to Bt268.6mn. Management expects logistics service and the dialysis-related equipment manufacturer business to support continual growth and aims at more overseas expansion. The board of directors approved the issuance of warrants at 7:1 ratio together with new 106mn shares to raise capital to Bt146.91mn. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
PORT’s 1Q18 earnings jumped 139.78% YoY to Bt36mn, driven by rising volume of containers. Management targets no less than 10% revenue growth in this year with the strategy to add global shipping companies as new clients. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
THG reported 1Q18 revenue of Bt1.68bn and net profit at Bt158mn, up 68% YoY. The company plans to book management fees from the new heart center in 2Q18 and invests in Thonburi Thungsong Hospital in Nakorn Sri Thammarat province. ( Kao Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
TK raised capital in its subsidiary in Cambodia, aiming to raise overseas revenue contribution as planned. 1Q18 revenue grew 9.9% YoY while earnings grew 7.8% YoY. ( Khao Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
Comment: If GL is dead in cambodia then it is indeed an opportunity for TK
TKN management expects performance recovery in 2Q18 from the 10% cost reduction in seaweed. It maintains its 12-15% revenue growth target and plans to expand capacity to 3.5 tons/year soon. The company aims to expand into China to raise the overseas revenue portion to 62-63%. ( Khao Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
Comment: The costs have been their key issue, rather odd that the stock missed consensus targets yet still had a great day. 
TMILL plans to increase capacity utilization to 75% in this year with an investment in technology to improve cost efficiency. Management expects no less than 10% earnings growth this year with market expansion in the North and North-East of Thailand. with target to reach 300 customers. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
TRUBB expects YoY earnings growth in 2H18 to be higher than in 1H18, backed by very strong demand. Management expects revenue to rise by 10% this year. The board recently approved a plan to list its subsidiary-Latex System Co., Ltd  in MAI within this year. ( Thun Hoon, 14 / 5 / 18 )
WHA management expects earnings to grow in 2Q18 and is confident that the company’s industrial estates will benefit from the EEC as 9,000 rai of its land is located in that zone. ( Krungthep Turakij, 14 / 5 / 18 )
Comment: Yes but given how slow the government is at doing anything…I doubt we’ll see anything solid for 2-3 years

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