AQUA in talk finance institutional partner & tech to form virtual bank venture, finalize deal by mid-FY23, odd/oversize logistic subsidiary, Thai Parcels, on track to list in June.

Comment: This company again? Rubbish….speculator, no real business, don’t see what’s going to really happen here.

BAY’s credit card unit, Krungsri Consumer, anticipates 1Q spending jump 20% yoy from improved domestic consumption, larger spending on travel, tailwind from shopping tax rebate stimulus.

Comment: YAYYYYYYY more customers to pay interest from overspending.

DOHOME upbeats 1Q outlook from double digits SSSG, wider margin from lower building material price and energy costs, allots Bt2.5b capex to open 4 branches this year, firms on 20% revenue growth target.

JR sets 20% revenue growth target this year, on Bt13b backlog, with growth momentum into 2-3Q, on underground cable projects for Yello and Pink mass transit lines, BGRIM’s system contract and Mor Chit Complex.

MINT sees positive earnings momentum from surging RevPar & OCC via luxury hotels in portfolio, eased pressure on margin from lower energy costs, China reopening, eyes 20% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: I wouldn’t bet against this.

NER sees solid 1Q23, on exports to China and India, boosting sales until 2Q23, firms on 500K tons sales and Bt30b revenue.

Comment: Oddly continuing to perform well.

NTSC: food additives & seasoning manufacturer, Nutrition SC, debuts IPO 25m shares @ Bt26.25/share, KGI leads.

Comment: Great pumppppp

PIMO sets 5-10% revenue growth target from a 20% growth last year at Bt1.2b, on specialized motor BLDC orders, while EV motor for motobike still being tested.

Comment: This EV motor has been in the testing phase for 2 years…whatever…

TTB targets 3% loan growth, NIM widen to 3% from 2.95% FY22, focuses on collateral backed loans, enhances digital banking to expand coverage, cross sales & save costs.

WICE’s cross border logistic subsidiary, Euroasia Total Logistic (ETL), to submit filing for IPO by eo-Feb.

Comment: And then we’ll see the same from III

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