AS: local fund, BBLAM, raised holding by 0.4382% to 5.0033% of total outstanding on January 27.

Comment: It’s a bit late to be adding no? But I’ve been totally wrong on AS over the past 2 years, why? I remember all my meetings with them from 2010-2020 and didn’t think management would be able to benefit so well from the wuflu period.

BA to double its BKK-Phnom Penh to 2 from February 1.

Comment: OMG 100% growth! ffs…why is this news.

BCPG sets Bt6b capex for 357MW solar-farm in Taiwan, constructions in 2022-24 and CODed 2022-25.

DTAC pays Bt1.05 2H21 interim, resulting in a reduced tender price in its M&A with TRUE to Bt46.71 from Bt47.76.

Comment: Just trade this name til the merger goes ahead, there’s bound to be a hiccup at some point, don’t you think you’d find some f#$kery when doing DD on True’s financials?

HUMAN: Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment cuts holding by 1.0131% to 4.8842% of total outstanding on January

Comment: I do wonder with the PDPA, how much will HUMAN benefit from this?

JMART and BTS in press conference this morning its plan to use JFIN coin in transactions with the group, including transports, logistics and barters.

Comment: This was delayed, we’re presuming that JFIN coins are going to be used on the skytrain, rabbit cards etc.

QH t/g FY22 launch plan 7 projects total Bt9b, expects higher contribution from hospitality unit on improving OCC, aims to maintain margins within 31-33%, eyes 10-20% FY22 revenue growth target.

SKY wins Bt7.61b digital platform projects from AOT, lifts backlog above Bt25b.
Comment: Would love to deep dive on the project #’s here….but as long as this government is in charge, SKY will do well.

SUPER: Super Energy Group HK (SEG HK) signed agreement to sell 49% stake in 837 mw VN solar operator (Solar NT) to Philippines partner AC Energy VN Investment (ACEV) for US$165m , BAY is FA for the deal.

TU and RBF signed MOU with Indian partner Avanti Group to establish strategic jv to expand food ingredients business in India.

Comment: Everyone talks about China china china, India has been the rocking capital market for the past decade and will probably continue to be.

UTP reaffirms solid 1Q from strong demand for fruits packaging & box packaging from online sales during CNY, 10% production capacity upgrade to cod 3Q22 lifts output by additional 10% from current 264ktpa, firms on Bt4.5b sales target.

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