AS board approves purchase of 9.22% stake in Bitkup Online for Bt600m.

Comment: Probably pushed by SABUY, buying bitkub at 20x PE…ok…and remember that SCBXXX offered thb 30-40 bn 2 years ago, found a whole lot of financial shenanigans and then walked away, so now bitkub is valued at thb 6bn…a steal!!!!!!!!! idiots..

CENTEL sees 50% OCC at 515 rooms 33 storey hotel, Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, on 1st month of debut, target full year avg OCC >70%.

Comment: They’re capturing the Thai market to Japan, and every visitor to Thailand that has stayed at a Centara whether it is for holidays or MICE or business, will now have another place option in Japan.

CRC keeps 12-15% revenue growth target on recovering tourism, launches C-Verse new app for virtual shopping experience, target 30K loading by end of year.

EPG anticipates 2H turnaround from weak THB as 60% of total sales derived from overseas, higher food packaging sales yoy on improved tourism, firms on 10% full year revenue growth target.

NEX launched prototype of e-trailer 12 wheeler, seeks to expand production for commercial applications.

Comment: Yawnz, how are they going to compete against the big boys? This is ridiculous…and their vehicles are going to end up costing the thai tax payer.

OR teams up with K-Nex Corp to debut Otteri wash & dry in Cambodia, mulls adding 3 outlets by end of year.

RS is expected to record Bt1.3b gains from disposal of music catalog to Universal Music Group (UMG) in 3Q, Tabloid.

SIRI reported 1H residential sales +37% yoy at Bt25b vs Bt18.3b 1H22, maintain launch plan 10 upmarket SDH project under Setthasiri brand total Bt21.9b in 2H.

STARK: DSI to issues warrants this week for ex-chairman, Chanin Yensudchai & CFO, Sathar Chantrasettalead, to acknowledge allegations after found preliminary evidences of fraud.

Comment: This saga is going to be amusing to watch unfold, by law they have 5 years to go after them. Let’s see how long it takes….the CFO has already come out saying that he was forced to fudge accounts by “the big people”

TKT sees continued growth over next 3-5 years after securing a strategic partner in Karrie (HK), who’s expertise in Electronic, Tech and mold design.

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