ASAP sees 1Q23 car rent jump 400% yoy as demand surge on increase travelers, allots Bt2b budget to expand fleet.

Comment: There are multiple ways to play the recovery in tourism. This is one.

AWC saw bookings and room occupancy rates in December exceed that of pre-pandemic period.

BEC signed an exclusive Thai drama and distribution agreement with corporate venture, I.E. Entertainment to expand contents sales overseas via multiple platforms.

Comment: And how is this going to be competitive?

BGRIM and GUNKUL said are ready to swoop up any struggling operators after VN cuts its purchased price for yet to COD PP electricity tariff to Bt1.66 for solarfarm and Bt2.54 for windfarm PP per unit.

Comment: The VN renewable energy sector is a MESS, there is no guaranteed offtake agreement with the EVN whereas in Thailand there is with EGAT/PEA, & transmission lines? hah! Though I’d imagine that the fellows at BGRIM & GUNKUL are clever enough to figure their way around this minefield.

FSMART in collab with BigC to open over the counter payment services at 1,600 branches nationwide, on top of 130K top-up machines and cashier desk at 1,800 service points.

Comment: That’s an interesting development, a risk to 7-11? Doubt it, given the prevalence of 7-11s over BIGCs…

ORI reports all time high FY22 presales at Bt41b, with strength in every segment and location, mulls 20% rise in new launch plan.

PTG expects positive earnings momentum continued 1Q23 from higher fuel sales volume & non-oil revenue yoy supported by surging traffic on recovery tourism, mulls expand Pan Thai café to 1,500 outlets from current 550 by end of year, tap in community waste pp to diversify earnings, eyes 15% revenue growth target.

Comment: Good to see the non-oil rev growing

SIRI will launch 5 low-rise condos worth Bt4.5b, 2 projects D Condo Reef Phuket & D Condo Sand Had Yai to debut in 1Q.

Comment: If the President does become PM…then are we going to see all their luxury house projects being comfortable sold out as gifts to … anyways..

YGG plans to launch 4 mobile games this year, expects earnings jump after branching out from virtual production, game cinematics, advertising & film animation, target 15-20% revenue growth this year.

Comment: Delayed from last year….so naturally this year’s YoY profit figures will look amazing, the question is how will the initial traction of the games be.

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