CHO sets Bt1-1.5b revenue target this year, returning to profit in 3Q23, supported by Bt800m revenue from SPAC and Bt90m/Q revenue from hemp related business, and Bt1.3b backlog from BMTA bus maintenance contract, realizing over 5-year.

Comment: I do like the business model here, as it’s a simple cf spread, but I don’t like the way the share price moves at times…

Tris Rating ups GULF’s rating to A+ from A, to reflect jump in revenue, thanks to expected rise in total capacity to 8,700MW and overall revenue to Bt115b, Bt41b EBITDA from Bt30b.

Comment: Hahahah, that’s amusing, then again Tris used to write that Thai airway was Investment Grade

SUSCO no material impact on co-branding retail stations after ESSO taken over by BCP as 100 stations are committing under 10 year contract, 2 community malls in Srinakarin & Puttabucha to drive non-oil revenue this year.

Comment: Non-event, one of the names to look at if oil ever tumbles by -30-50% in a short time frame.

TFG & CPF are expected to benefit from surging demand for livestock ahead of CNY, Tabloid.

Comment: Well…ok….

THCOM won 2 satellite packages for Bt797m, while state-owned National Telecom won 1 slot with winning bid of Bt9.08m.

Comment: I think there’s a digit missing for the Nat Telco, now I like what THCOM may become, but they’re going to have to spend a lot of capex these next 2 years, and thought that by 2024/2025 it could be worth somewhere in the 20s, but look like the retail mkt decided it price that this month!

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