ASAP targets 20k Changan EV sales over the course of next 4 years under EV 3.5 scheme, expects EV subsidies Bt100k/unit, Bt10k subsidies for e-bike fuel momentum.

Comment: We’re going to see these Chinese EVs everywhere…

CK sees brighter outlook on construction business, expects margin recover from lower building material & energy costs, jump start infra invest following delayed fiscal budget disbursement, expects government push forward red line MRT project, motorway & airports expansion next year.

DRT sets Bt648m for machinery for lightweight brick (AAC-2) production, as its 2 existing plants are running at 100% capa

MC sets revenue target for fiscal 2023-24 (Jul – June) at Bt4.3-4.4b, seeing peak revenue in 2Q (Oct-Dec 2023) on seasonal.

Comment: A decently managed local brand name but don’t expect any significant growth figures.

NC: Bangkok Insurance (BKI) cuts holding by 1.3188% to 3.9566% on Dec 18.

ORI forms venture with Japan partner, Sotesu Group, to develop condo project, The Origin Phahol 57.

Comment: ORI’s Net DE has increased from 0.8x to 1.5x over the past 2 years. And this is the “official” number, and not including any off-balance sheet debt agreements. But hey on paper it still looks strong!

SABUY expects share price stabilize going forward after allots Bt617m budget to buy back up to 95m shares from Dec 22 till Mar 21, 24 to kill short sellers, saw 120m shares shorted at Bt8.5 avg for the past 6mth, 250m shares at Bt11 avg over the past 12 months, Miti Hoon.

Comment: Hmm….and you trust these guys? Let’s see how many shares are actually bought back…

SCGD: SCG Décor, a holding company, operating thru subsidiaries, manufactures ceramic tiles, décor surfaces & bathroom products, debuts 439.1m shares at Bt11.5, Bualuang Sec leads.

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