ASEFA: announcement of share buyback up to 35m shares or 6.36% of paid-up under Bt 120m budget from May 21 until November 20,20.

Comment: Another sharebuyback! 

AWC, TOA, KTC may be added in to MSCI Standard Index upcoming announcement on May 12, tabloid.

FLOYD: signed 2 construction contracts for HMPRO & BJC total Bt 163.17m.

ORI: reports sales topped Bt 1.7b in April, lifts 4M20 sales above Bt 7b account for 30% of Bt 21b full year target, maintaining launch plan 14 projects total Bt 18b, sees single detached homes pick up as work from home grows.

Comment: I do wonder how these prop co’s are going to roll over their debt this year….

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