ASIAN revised revenue growth target this year to 19% (Bt11,200m) from 12% earlier, boosted by strong 1Q, with pet foods and frozen foods boosting overall revenue up 35%, keeps 17-18% GPM.

Comment: The food/agri co’s have been able to very quickly pass on the cost increases to the market here in Thailand – very different from the rest of the region.

NOBLE’s on track to meet 1H22 presales at Bt10b, after securing Bt8.7b YTD, plans 5 projects worth Bt12.3b in 2Q, and 8 more worth Bt20.4b in 2H, firm on Bt28b FY22 presales target, Bt10b transfers, and book Bt6b of Bt17-18b backlog this year.

Comment: If what I hear is true and the Thai pass is gone by 1 July, tourism up, foreign buying of condo’s will save NOBLE (to an extent)

PTG’s firm on 15-20% EBITDA growth, with solid growth in non-oil business, becomes #1 in LPG sales via service stations.

Comment: Love the management team, but marketing margins are going to be awful for a while, q on how quickly they can drive the non-oil businesses

SABUY may report Bt160-180m 2Q NP, +240-280%, on business recovery, both core and new, Tabloid.

Comment: “tabloid” one day i’ll have to tell the stories of how the relationship between some plc’s and tabloids/thai newspapers work…though I presume its obvious

SIRI’s 4M22 presales at Bt10.5b, or 30% of Bt35b full year target, plans 11 new projects worth Bt13.8b in 2Q.

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