AQUA sets Bt120m for max 200m share buy back from June 1 – Nov 30

Comment: Oddly rather consistent figures over the past 5 years.

COM7 sees >20% revenue growth target, on track to open >150 new outlets this year, bringing overall to 1,200 by end of year, expanding online and game as well as online credit via U Fund.

GUNKUL in collab with CP Group to develop and produce CBD from all parts of hemp for food and pet-food, target EBITDA growth in the segment to 50%.

NER’s revenue may exceed Bt28b this year, on higher delivery of rubber products in 2-3Q, while rubber sales may reach 480K tons, rev stream from livestock mats in 3Q23.

NRF in collab with PTT and SIRI opens alternative Eatery, a food community, specializes in plant-based protein, while a production plant, a JV with PTT, will finish in 1H23.

Comment: Let’s see what they can actually achieve, plenty of q marks in my mind regarding this industry.

SCB to re-negotiate the Bt17b Bitkup deal, hoping to pay less, given the current turmoil in digital asset market.

Comment: Everyone’s been hearing rumours that SCB has issues w/ the DD of bitkub since the beginning of the year.

SMK filed a rehab petition with the Central Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday after facing heavy losses from Covid claims.

Comment: The group should be banned from the industry, they screwed over their customers, etc etc, ridiculous, could’ve just done a recap (though expensive) to maintain the family’s reputation.

TMILL mulls increasing selling price of flours, seeing continued uptrend in global wheat price and steady growth in domestic demand, keeps 70% average capacity.

TKN firms on 10% revenue growth target this year, sees recovery from re-opening on tourism and sales, mulls new products.

Comment: I think management has just switched off for the past 3-4 years.

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