ASIAN sets 8-10% revenue growth target to Bt9.5b, sees strong 1Q on rising exports in frozen pet food, sets Bt500-1,000m to expand production lines and M&A.

BGRIM to import 250K ton of LNG in 2H21, supplying 5 SPP Replacement, expecting 10-15% electricity utilization growth this year, target >76MW new capacity this year.

CIMBT were pushed higher with heavy volume because of high BV/share and low free-float, a target for punters, Tabloid.

Comment: Oh? Yes we may believe everything the Thai tabloids write, I believe 2 decades ago it cost ~THB 30k for pay writers there to push names in the market (you figure out which local papers I’m referring to)

CPN to focus on extending its mixed-use port by opening 3 new projects in 2H21 and 2022 worth Bt13.9b.

Comment: Their competition is dead, CPN is the market. The mall group is cash broke and only doesn’t own their assets, watch out for them when its time to renew land leases.

JMT sets 30% profit growth target this year, supported by AMC business, both NPA and NPL.

Comment: All of JMART’s group companies have been told to grow their businesses by +30% this year.

NOBLE: punter, Sompong Cholkadeedumrongkul, raised holding by 0.12% to 5.03% on March 23.

Comment: A quality shareholder in a quality property company

SAWAD, in collaboration with GSB, offers 14.99% p.a. for car title loans, vs 19-20% market rate, as it wants to gain market share to build on client bases, sees only short term impact on earnings and share price.

Comment: And now it’s time for the more Thai’s to get debt!!! SAWAD is going to become a huge landlord…

SRICHA wins additional Bt334m contract for SCC Maintenance (Project-T3) lifts total to Bt1.424b, also granted piping erection & insulation work from JV Petrofac-Samsung-Saipem total Bt828m.

SUPER targets FY21 revenue >Bt10b supported by full year recognition of 550mw from 3 wind farms project in Vietnam, 6mw waste powerplants on Nongkai.

TACC sets 10-15% revenue growth target, seeing solid recovery in 2H21, in line with econ projection, to launch salacca-berry drink (dispenser) at 7-11, and hemp-based drink in 2H21.

WP: Itochu Enex raised holding by 3.041% to 5.0684% of total outstanding on March 15.

Comment: A JP trading house (also does LPG etc) taking a bigger position in WP…

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