ASK targets 5% FY24 loan growth from Bt75b outstanding loanbook at end of FY23, aims to protect market position of leading new commercial vehicle HP, expands title loan product to boost yield, expects FY24 NPL edge below 5% from current 5.2% at end of 1Q.

Comment: Wasn’t this the company that raised a tonne of equity saying that they could growth 20% forever? Nope, still the same sleepy co…but now with higher NPLs

ASIAN revised up GPM to 14-15% from 12% prior after aquatic feedmill turns profitable, maintain Bt11.3b FY24 sales target.

Comment: All the agri co’s seem to trending positively…

BDMS anticipates positive earnings momentum carry thru 2H supported by fly-in patients, higher contribution from SSO patients, lower interest expenses yoy after re-payment Bt1.5b in Feb, tailwind from rainy season, Phuket Cancer Center on track to cod by end of 3Q, will open 2 hospitals later this year, eyes 10% FY24 revenue growth target.

Comment: They’ll need to get their house in order, smaller local players are opening up throughout the provinces and taking their provincial business away.

HMPRO’s firm on plan to open 7-8 Homepro and Mega-Home with Bt7-8b capex, boosting overall to 136 branches, sets 2% revenue growth target this year.

XO sees solid 2Q, as sales and orders were on par with 1Q, but with absence of losses from REITs, after liquidating the remaining, with effective cost control, expansion oversea sales should see 20% revenue growth this year, from Bt2.5b yoy.

Comment: REITS? Ok fired up the MDA…”Other losses in the 1st quarter of 2024 was Baht 13.79 million. Such losses caused by losses from fair value adjustments of investments in unit trusts and foreign exchange forward contracts. In this regard, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2024, the Company sold all investments in unit trusts. Therefore, there will be no further losses from fair value adjustments of investments in unit trusts.” Oh you donkey kongs…put your capital into FD’s…or go shoot the banker that recommended REITS during a rising interest rate environment.

Finance Ministry to review its shareholding in stocks to adjust port and sell some shares to build up state coffers. As of May, it holds 13 companies worth Bt1.19trnl, among largest ones are AOT (70%), PTT (51.1%) and TTB (11.7%), while smaller ones include, THAI, DMT, TFFIF, OR, BCP, MCOT, MFC, BEYOND, RPH, and NEP.

Comment: This is why the government wants to re-start LTFs again? To dump the stake onto retail hands?

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