ASW, real estate developer, Assetwise, debuts IPO 206m shares at Bt9.82 apiece, ASP leads

Comment: Does it make sense for the pop on a fundamental level? NO! But on a funnymental level, oh hell yeah. Small float, retail investors back and active.

BAY’s adding more health insurance products on shelf, aiming to boost fees from bancassurance, expects strong sales from flexible package.

Comment: If only the Japanese would increase the float…

MINT may report Bt5.5b net loss in 1Q21 due to covid, but operations remained solid, Tabloid.

Comment: The question is, how great will 2H21 look versus 2H20. Have a look, the F&B business is back to pre-covid levels with better margins.

JKN will add more news contents & investment prog on JKN18 to boost rating, sees opportunity from Covid as people spends more time at home, upside from home shopping.

SPALI to launch Bt1b Supalai Bella Westgate May 22-23, offering townhome, twin-home and SDH.

TIDLOR offers 28.5m greenshoes share to retail investors, boosting total portion for retail to 75m share, with each to get 1,000 share each @ Bt36.5 IPO price, trading expected May 10.

Comment: We called the OR IPO, the government form providing stimulus to the mid and upper income earnings. TIDLOR is different, it’s going to IPO at a valuation thats on par with its peers. Could it pop? Massively high probability.

THAI’s major creditors, BBL & KTB want to send management teams to participate in the restructuring plan, seeks approval on creditors meeting on May 12.

Comment: So bankruptcy here works such that…the board says “we go to rehab” and approves and appoints a planner. The planner presents a plan to the creditors, the creditors can reject this plan, and then vote to change to the planner. The creditors are in full control.

THG in collaboration with Pullman Hotel Asoke and Ibis Impact to offer 1,200 Hospitel services, expecting Bt150m revenue per month, while LPH to add 50 hospitel beds in Lad Prao.

Comment: In 2 weeks this play is done. Unless they want to maintain the fear…

TU reaffirms solid 1Q from improved margins supported by lower Tuna price yoy to US$1,300/t, narrow loss from Red Lobster operation and higher THB revenue, expects positive momentum continue this year from value add productions via jv units including health supplements, plant based food, cooking oil and hemp derived products.

Comment: They still haven’t figured out how to move beyond being a commodity player….

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