ACE and UAC are to submit bids for 10 and 6 community PP permits today.

Comment: ACE > UAC (police connections help)

AH sees capacity utilization above 80% 1Q21, expects positive parts sales momentum carry thru 2H from improving auto market, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: Then they are maxed out.

BGRIM is in talk with partners for EV charging stations in Industrial Estate and Smart City project.

Comment: I wonder how much the country needs to be electrified in order to have the country ready for EV’s. And who is going to win the business for this? The cables, the power, the installation etc etc.

LPN launches 5-year assisted payment program for 11 of its condo projects from today until May 15, hoping to boost 2Q21 presales, targets Bt1b from this.

Comment: Low-mid end is still suffering until banks start issuing mortgages again.

SAWAD has Bt5-6b liquidity to help troubled customers, firms on 20% revenue growth target this year on strong financial and partners.

Comment: I’m curious to see how TIDLOR’s IPO performs

SFLEX reaffirms solid 1Q from strong syringe bag sales, sees growth from med packaging & food products, allots Bt300m capex to up capacity of flex packaging by 25% to 270m sqm/pa from 215m FY20, expects all time high profit this year.

THAI: State-owned, Vayupak fund, cuts holding by 0.3088% to 14.9335% of total outstanding on April 22.

Comment: Well that’s a bit late, this is the money raised from the public for “long term investment returns”

UMC starts telco tower rental in the Philippines, be securing 25 year contract with China Telecom, EIRR 28%, as part of plan to boost oversea rev to Bt550m/p.a. within 3 years.

Comment: What? Where did this come from? I don’t see this name listed nor on the IPO list of the SET’s website.

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