ASW mulls 3 new horizontal projects worth Bt4.1b, via the Honor high-ended brand this year.

Comment: what??? I’m going to have to go through their numbers again, but I thought this propco was on the verge of going under.

Thai NVDR said NVDR holding in BBL has reached 23.23%, vs 25% limit.

Comment: It is cheap. But this is all fund flows..into the region and then Thailand. Nothing company specific.

DITTO to realize >Bt1b revenue from 1st phase zoo, eyes 2nd phase worth >Bt5b, to issue token mid year, backed by mangrove forest carbon credit, with 30 year revenue stream.

Comment: I would like to like this co. But its too politically linked. Then again so was GULF…

RJH forms a team of expert for IVF clinic, starting late 1Q24, mulls expanding new ward with 200 beds.

WPH sees record high revenue in 2024 to Bt1,700m, with strong contributions from 3 Wattanapat hospitals in Samui, Ao-nang and Trang.

Comment: And revenues should be +30% in 2025, as Mr. B said 6 months ago, a no-brainer.

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