ASW: forms venture with Tokyo Tatemono to joint develop Bt2b low-rise project, Kave Coco Bangsaen, adjacent to Burapa university.

Comment: An underrated seaside town. Makes sense, there is a lack of decent residential development along the seaside there.

SPRC: anticipates 3Q turnaround after hit by stock loss and poor GRM in 2Q.

THANI: expects low-key 3Q as fleet loans shrink on weak exports, seasonal demand as rainy season set in, cuts full year new loan target to Bt27-28b vs Bt30b previous guidance.

  1. ASW or ORIGIN ? Bangsaen seems to be the flavour of the month. are all the developers getting hit with the BOT rate increases? It seems quite an irresponsible policy, when 3/4ths of the country is up to their collective eyeballs in debt. I imagine this is why the brokers are recommending distressed loan/repo companies.

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