AGE is open for talks with new business partners, on 3 main businesses, logistics, alternative energy, and other sustainable business, after securing a 23.45% stake in QTC, sees growth in 2Q, especially coal business, after recoding 1.06m tons sales in 1Q, on track to meet 5.2m tons FY23 target.

Comment: Coal demand isn’t disappearing, it never has despite what your favourite blue haired ESG paper pusher is telling you.

AS’s paid Bt450m for stake in Bitkup, with another Bt150m due on Aug 4.

Comment: They better pray that shitcoins come back into favour.

AUCT expects full year vehicles traffic thru auction yard +10-20% yoy as financial institution purge repossessed vehicles to clean up NPL before end of year , eyes full year profit >Bt300m.

Comment: A no brainer….the runway is YUGE. Just wish it was cheaper…

IHL has exported 20 tons of protein powder to China, its 1st, in talks with several more clients.

JASIF: fund registra, BBLAM, seeks unit holders approval for postponement of Bt288.7m fiber optic rental payment by TTTBB on Aug 23 after it defaulted payment, past due on Aug 2.


KCG: foods & fairy products producer & distributor, KCG Corp, debuts 155m shares at Bt8.5 apiece, Bualuang Sec leads.

Comment: An iffy period to IPO, story seems ok, but it does just feel like the family is cashing some chips in.

KTB sees NPLs trend edging higher in 2H on uneven economic recovery, confident of keeping it below 3.5%, with appropriate level of reserve, keeps 3-5% loan growth target.

Comment: Real NPLs are going to double digits next year. (or so I’ve heard…)

NOBLE insisted that its two condo projects, situated on land where parts were expropriated, have no legal issues like Ashton Asoke because their given entrance-exit has remained unchanged since they were in the possession of the previous landowners.

Comment: Who knows…entire sector has a question mark, after the Ananda ruling.

TKN sees robust growth on seaweed snacks sales in Indonesia market, mulls middle-east market as halal certificate opens door to expand new market, may see full year revenue growth exceed 15% target.

Comment: There is a question on the BOI Tax exemption expiring and then you won’t see the bottom line grow as quickly as the top line.

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