ATP30 to add 100 more vehicles to its fleet, with potential to add 5-6 new clients, boosting profit by 25% to all time high at Bt600m, mulls using EV for commercial purposes

Comment: And that’s the business model for ATP30, win customers, add more vehicles, share price bump

B to start 100 crypto mining machines this week, part of 2,200 overall, while securing extension to water sales agreement with Super Water at 1.5M3, buys 29 container trailer, boosting overall to 66.

Comment: So they are doing crypto mining and water supplying, I see the synergies very clearly here.

DOD to deliver CBD-Hemp seed oil to almost 40 clients within April, firm on 20% growth this year.

Comment: A shame for the industry that concession businesses like DOD are the reason its going to develop slower and with poorer quality than the potential.

ICN is to sign Bt1b worth of big projects, with revenue to realize over 5 years, in 2Q, firm on solid 2Q, supported by Bt1.5b backlog, 50% to realize this year.

Comment: They’ve taken the business away from SAMART, new cronyism

LPN sees yoy growth in 1Q22 transfers, thanked to 2,000 units Lumpini Place Tao Poon, while presales was on par yoy, firm on Bt13b presales target this year, with 90% of Bt3b backlog to realize this year, mulls listing of LPP in 2024.

Comment: Is it possible to imagine a scenario where LPN returns to its former glory in terms of units transferred?

NER keeps Bt28b revenue target, after securing orders until Aug, capacity expansion at 2nd plant to 50K tons to complete mid year, Cattleflex to contribute Bt400m this year.

NEX received installment from BYD, after securing 71 concession to operate 71 routes, to deliver 800 bus by end of year worth Bt5.6b, with >1K potential orders from Smart Bus group and >50K electric trucks, clarity mid-June.

PTTGC sees revenue this year exceeding Bt465b, on revenue recognition from Allnex, sets Bt231.2b 5-year capex for debt repayment and investment.

SCB said >90% shareholders had swapped for SCBX, expected SCBX to start trading on April 27.

Comment: And now we all await to see the upcoming IPO of SCBS (once the acquisition of Bitkub is completed)

Almost 90% of DTAC’s shareholders approved merger plan with TRUE, with 10.9% opposing the plan. Citrine Venture and Citrine Investment SG, have expressed intention to buy share from dissenting shareholders at Bt50.5 each.

Comment: Regardless of the noise from the government institutions/regulations, its going ahead

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