HTECH expected its product “cutting tools” will gain more order from hard-disk drive, data center, expecting to increase its capacity 3-4 folds from current capacity as well as sales revenue to grow 10% this year

Comment: They were supposed to be the beneficiary of crypto miners, but that story appears to be finished.

GUNKUL to seek CBD export permit in 3Q and start exporting in 4Q22, with partners in Australia, EU and US, sees 100% growth and Bt700m sale in 2H22.

Comment: Oh boy, with their government relationships I would normally say that this is a shoo-in, but given the strength of BJT and friends who knows

YGG to launch new game, Home Sweet Home Survive Beta 2, early May, firm on 15-20% revenue growth target, supported by collab with MACO in developing game feeding International markets.

Comment: They have 5 launches planned for this year.

NBTC mulls hiring Chula Uni to study merger plan between DTAC and TRUE, after inconclusive study completed by independent consultant, before submitting to NBTC board with 60 day timeline.

Comment: Anyone else find this pathetic? 1. DTAC/TRUE can very simply say that with National Telecom as a market participant that there will still be 3 major players in the industry 2. Of course this merger will result in poorer services to users.

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