ATP30 sets Bt180m capex to replace fleet with 60 e-bus, aims to boost margins from lower maintenance & fuel costs.

BGRIM sets 10,000MW capacity target by 2030, 10% EBITDA growth p.a., boosting renewable energy to 50%, and bids for 2,000-3,000 MW alternative energy PP in VN under PDP8.

Comment: With the drive from politics, I wouldn’t bet against BGRIM being able to achieve this.

BRR holders approved issuance and offering of warrants (BRR-W1 & BRR-W2) for existing holders at 5:1 & 10:1 respectively.

JMT welcomes KBANK in for a 9.99% stake in its asset management unit, JAM, for Bt3.5b, with plan to spin-off this year.

Comment: Great for JMT’s NPA division. Even better for KBANK to save their balance sheet.

JUBILE upbeats 1Q jewelry sales momentum from shopping tax rebate stimulus & CNY, ramp up promotion & new collection to boost sales upcoming valentine’s day.

Comment: 1Q23 is likely to be their high for the year.

MASTER: cosmetic surgery & skin hospital, Masterpiece Hospital, debuts IPO 65m shares at Bt46 apiece, Finansia Syrus & Yuanta joint leads

Comment: Great pump, this and Kliniq could be big surprisesĀ  over the coming years. These are the only 2 pure plays on the vanity of humans in this country and the region.

MVP sees turnaround this year from economic recovery and China reopening, boosting demand for event and motorhome rental, and resumes dividend payment.

SABUY firms on Bt5b revenue target in FY22, on contributions from AS and TSR, sets Bt20b revenue target for FY23, and Bt10b investment capex

Comment: I’d like to see it happen, I just don’t know how they’ll be able achieve this organically.

SCGP sets Bt160b revenue target this year on higher demand for packaging after China reopening and recovering tourism, sets Bt18b capex for product innovation, and wrap up M&A in 1Q23.

Comment: Revenue isn’t an issue for SCGP, it’s the margins that are getting squeezed at the moment.

TAKUNI will start to realize revenue from e-bike sales from 2Q23, target 5k units sales by end of year, eyes 10-15% revenue growth target.

Comment: This could be a big business if played right. Then again Thailand isn’t exactly bicycle friendly…

THG in talk with Chinese partner and listed property developer in setting up the largest cancer center in Asia with Bt5b investment in 2H23.

Comment: Thailand can easily position itself for anything healthcare and wellness related in the region.

TRUE to buy shares from dissenting holders who vote against amalgamation with DTAC, up to 161m shares @ Bt5.15/share from Jan 27 till Feb 9. DTAC will do the same, up to 223m shares @ Bt50.5.

Comment: “dissenting” no-one is really against the deal (other than us consumers that are going to eventually get screwed on pricing), but they are against the idea of True management still running it when it’s obvious that the telenor folks would do a far better job.

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