AWC sets double digit revenue growth target this year, to spend Bt1b on renovating and adding lifestyle spaces to the Empire, its largest office tower, under the theme “Co-Living Collective : Empower Future”.

Comment: And they’re just going to keep eating up the market and buying the assets from the family at “fair value”

BDMS established subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, to promote healthcare marketing, ad and PR in Middle East region.

Comment: Funding secured

CI sees ytd OCC at Hua-Hin resort above 60%, 80% at Phuket, target revenue >70% of pre-covid level, sets Bt5b capex to expand 4 residential projects.

Comment: Their hotels are very well regarded by the domestic market. Not surprised by this performance.

ILINK signed submarine cable procurement contract with Provincial Electricity Authority valued at Bt67.199m.

JKN’s reassessing its Bt3b capital increase plan, final decision in 2 weeks.

Comment: He/she/shim is broke.

KCE sets Bt19b revenue target this year, from Bt18b yoy, on higher demand in HDI product, and easing chip shortage situation. Expansion at Rojana plant, costing Bt8b, to boost capacity by 1m sqm.

Comment: They’ve steadily steadily steadily continued to expand well.

MTC target 20% loan growth this year driven by improved accessibility via mobile app, penetration to grass root via network upcountry, products offering to existing good track rec clients, prudent on credit screening to curb NPL.

Comment: And how much of this is just going to be driven by providing a 3rd round of financing to their existing client base?

SCC reported Bt157m 4Q22 NP, -98% yoy, missed Bt1.286b estimation, on lower chemicals spreads and higher energy cost, FY22 came in at Bt21.4b, -54% yoy, missed Bt25b consensus, Bt2 interim, XD Apr 7.

Comment: Woah! And people wonder what happens when you shut off supply and supply expansion of core energy, here you go.

SITHAI anticipates positive earnings momentum continued from surging demand for packaging, household products on improved consumption and recovery tourism, tailwind from plastic battery shell and auto parts on improved auto market.

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