AUCT: anticipates recovery traffic at auction yard 2Q onward as repossessed vehicles mounting on third wave of pandemic, expects wider margins this year from lower SG&A and online auctions, upside from partnership with leasing & distressed assets management partners (ECL & CHAYO).

Comment: CHAYO is the interesting play here, they have access and now a clear avenue to exit their distressed asset purchases.

DITTO: IT services co., DITTO (TH), debut IPO 80m shares at Bt7.5 apiece.

Comment: Small float, right sector/industry, BOOM!

DOD: signs MOU with FN for R&D and manufacturing of hemp-related products.

Comment: Are Hemp Clothes coming?

PRM: signed a 10 year deal with NYK to sourcing VLCC tankers for Thai oil.

RATCH: acquires 50% stake in 80mw near-shore windfarm projects in Vietnam for Bt272m.

SCC: olefin debottlenecking projects completed earlier than schedule, lifts capacity to 350ktpa, target 100% utilization rate by end of May.

Comment: Petrochem cycle has turned, wouldn’t be surprised to see it at 600-800 in the next 2-3 years.

SEAFCO: acquiring 8 new foundation work projects total Bt182.8m.

STARK: awards cable order for transmission line projects in Vietnam & subway projects in Mumbai total Bt4.5b, lifts backlog above 13b.

Comment: Just wait until you start hearing news about STARK getting projects in Thailand. The re-electrification of countries is a massive opportunity.

SYNEX: will starts to realize revenue from iPad Pro sales from late May, sees healthy demand as tablet obtains M1 chip like Macbook, eyes 10-15% FY21 revenue growth target.

Comment: I still don’t understand why Mac’s are so popular. But its a luxury item that people buy, and that segment of the market is still able to spend.

  1. My buddy back State-side who edited the early Windows for Dummies once said ‘one day, Mac owners will realize that the i stands for idiot’. Once you get hooked, you’re completely locked in to their system, their over-priced products, apps store and cloud storage. good cameras, tho’

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