Asset World Corp (AWC), a property arm under Charoen of THBEV, to acquire prime prop in BKK and key resort destinations held by the group to develop mixed-use projects and hotels in next 5 years, IPO @ Bt6, September 25-27 and go straight into SET50.

Comment: ROE of 3% .. well…TCC buys property, develops it, sells the property to AWC, TCC locks in a gain, then AWC goes public and marks the assets to market and gets cash from everyone. Fair game…

BTS expects cabinet to approve renewed Green Line concession before end of year after BMA pass revised terms to interior minister for review, will book gains from disposal of Bayswater to CPN, reaffirms big jump this year.

Comments: No surprises here

COM7 upbeats 4Q sales from newly launched iPhone 11, Apple watch 5 and 7th gen iPad, expects 3Q demand pick up from price roll back on current models.

Comment: An iphone at a “cheaper” price…buy buy buy the crowd shouts!

EA, PTG, BCP, GGC expected to be main beneficiary of government plans to promote bio B10 as the country’s main diesel fuel from Jan1,20.

Comment: Not sure how EA benefits, but yes to the other 3 parties

EASTW in talks with 3 new clients, hoping to wrap up in 4Q and boosting water distribution up by 15-20m cbm/day

GPSC submits development plan for 600MW PP in Myanmar, hoping to conclude deal by end of year, while talks with potential partners for Vietnam venture to be concluded next year.

Comment: Hmmm… Myanmar is the dream, Vietnam is the reality, I still hold to this until I see otherwise

JAS signs MOU with MONO and Korean partner KT Corp for IPTV business on 3BB network.

SEAOIL sees strong 2H, firms on 20-30% FY19 growth and turns profitable, 1st in 3 years.

SVI owner, Pongsak, requested to offer a Conditional Voluntary Tender Offer to acquire all shares of SVI at the price of 4.85 baht per share.

Comment: Well that’s one way to make your share price go up. It’s not the first time he’s done something like this, in the past you can check that there was an occasion when SVI was going to do a share buyback and never followed through because, surprise surprise, the share price rose.

TNP sees solid 2H from contribution of state welfare cards from spending at its supermarkets, will add 4 branches in 2H, lifting total to 29 outlets by end of year

WHAUP wins 4.88mw solar roof contract for MG vehicles production plant total 31k sq.m., estimate Bt20m contribution p.a., target 25mw new contracts signed this year.

  1. I feel the market will have the rug pulled from under it when Trump abruptly changes his mind and increases tariffs next week/month/year. Bit too much warm and fuzzy sentiment at the moment when nothing material has even occurred.

    Just liquidated my bank holdings for a modest gain as I expect another rate cut which this time will affect the MLR not just MRR or MOR.

    I’m a heavy buyer in Samtel at these prices, yield is close to 6% this year which makes it more attractive than the like Intuch at the moment,

    • All rates are coming down until next year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some inflation pop up in 2020 as I suspect commodity prices may rocket upwards.

      SAMTEL – 3 great Q’s in a row, and yes a great yield in today’s environment.

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