AWC, KTC, TOA are expected to be added to MSCI Global Standard to be announced May 12, tabloid.

BA to resume domestic flights on May 15, starting with 2 flights to and from Samui daily.

Comment: The samui monopoly (okok market leader) begins.

BTS will increase trains frequency to avoid overcrowded on lockdown easing starts from May1, maintain COD target 4 stations North Green line from BMTA schedule.

Comment: It’ll be interesting to see the traffic figures from BTS for the month of May 

ICHI debuts functional drink, PH Plus, and premium sugar free green tea Zencha to capture growing demand for health conscious consumers.

Comment: Just like CBG, they’re up against OSP and I wonder if the retailers would happily give up space to new players? And what will the price of the new space be?

JKN sees content sales momentum remain strong for rest of year from demand from TV channel, no impact from poor ad spending.

JMT wraps up Bt4.9b NPLs acquisition from financial institution, totally above Bt10b month to date from Bt175b portfolio end of-FY19.

Comment: They will happily gobble up everything.

PTT reassures its financial strength, turned down BOT’s backstop measures and shrugs off Hin Leong impact.

THAI suspends domestic flights for another 4 months until end of September, international flight another 1 month till end of June, restructuring plans to be sent to panel today.

Comment: Recap recap recap recap

TLGF reports FY20 earnings (end of Feb 29) at Bt2.7b, -12.3% yoy, TOPPED Bt2.39b consensus.

Comment: And CP group is buying this?

WHA sees pick up demand for warehouse rental on fast growing e-commerce, pending to sign 70k within 2Q, pays Bt0.0535 dps XD May 25.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @BTS (which also goes for BEM (MRT):

    – do they have sufficient additional trains and carriages to increase frequency (well, on the other side they will have somewhat shorter daily operational hours than usual)?

    – their operational costs will very probably rise while passenger volume will decrease (for example no tourists), so i guess that won’t look good on their figures (except if they would increase fares like some airlines do, but then they are expensive compared with other train/subway/public transport services in the region already).

    • Yes daily op hours are still shorter because of the curfew

      Well compared to the months of March and April I think May will probably look better. I have been driving my car daily to the office because there is no traffic. When traffic resumes…which it has started I suspect I’ll be back on the trains rather soon.

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