BA expects 2Q18 revenue to be good, with advanced bookings up 11 .%The company plans to raise its revenue growth target for 2018 to 7-10 %and continue to expand codeshare with other airlines .It expects cabin factor to reach 70 %this year and will expand its fleet to accommodate more flights to Chiang Mai. (Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)
Comment: Still think this is a rather undervalued airline given its holding’s in SPF, BDMS. Catering is a growth driver for non-airline business. But in the end it will come down to oil prices…

BANPU’s net profit is expected to turn around in 2Q18 to more than Bt3bn on an upward trend of coal price, more revenue from power and no more extra expenses .(Thun Hoon, 11/6/18)

ESSO says losses are lower at its petrochemical business after utilization rate rose .The company plans to add >80 petrol stations in 2018 with a more modern look to boost revenue growth by 3-4 %YoY . The market expects the stock will be included in SET50 in 2H18 .(Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)

GLOBAL has the highest same-store sales growth of listed retailers on higher consumer confidence and purchasing power .This should boost 2Q18 revenue further .The company plans to add nine more outlets this year and engage in more overseas business in Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. (Thun Hoon, 11/6/18)

ITEL was selected as service provider for bank data center with a 5-year contract worth Bt140mn . The company targets increased customers for its data center service to >30 %of total capacity and could reach 60 %by end-2018 .Revenue for 2018 is expected to meet its growth target for 2018. (Thun Hoon, 11/6/18)

MEGA’s 2Q18 revenue is likely to grow from 1Q18, supported by high season .Management’s revenue and earnings growth targets are maintained at 8-10 %with a plan to launch 10 new products . 2018-2019 investment budget is Bt600mn .New herb drink, with MALEE as partner, is expected to be launched in 4Q18 .(Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)

SAT management expects strong earnings in 2Q18 with strong order flows, benefiting from the return to growth of the automotive industry .The automotive industry’s production capacity will grow to 2.1mn units in 2018 .(Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)
Comment: Autos have been on the comeback trail for the past 2-3 years

SENA’s presales may exceed its Bt10.3bn target this year as it has already booked Bt5.5-5.6bn in presales in 1H18 .2018 revenue target is maintained at Bt6.2bn .The company has Bt6-7bn backlog : Bt2.4bn is expected to be recognized in this year .The company recently launched the Niche Mono Tiwanon project valued at Bt1.4bn and plans to launch 12 new projects with total value of Bt16-17bn in 2H18. (Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)

SPA’s management targets 25 %revenue growth in 2018 and plans to open nine more new outlets after already opening one .Revenue from existing branches is expected to grow by no less than 10 .%1H18 performance looks strong, supported by Thailand’s increasing inbound tourists. (Thun Hoon, 11/6/18)

SUN is using new technology under the “agriculture 4.0” concept to improve food products and raise product export standards. (Kao Hoon, 11/9/18)

SUPER’s shareholding structure was changed .Mr .Pradej has sold Bt3.0bn worth of SUPER shares via a big-lot sale to Mr .Jormsap while the family still holds 8 %plus the right to convert warrants into 4 % shares in the future .Mr .Jormsap said that he and his group have increased their shareholding to 40%. (Manager Online, 11/6/18)
Comment: And so now the q for pradej is when will he be able to list WEH.

TM’s 2Q18 performance is growing with the uptrend of the hospital business before entering the high season in 2H18 .2018 revenue target is Bt660mn .The company expects to conclude one M&A deal in 3Q18 .(Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)

TRC will join the bidding for government projects with a total value of Bt1.5bn, aiming to raise backlog value from Bt7.5bn now .Management may revise its 2018 revenue target from Bt8.0bn .The potash project is still unclear. (Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)
Comment: This potash project has been unclear for decades!

TRITN’s 2018 revenue is expected to be no less than Bt3.0bn, supported by increasing revenue from “Strega .”Management expects to get new projects with Bt5.0-10bn value from current backlog value of Bt4.5bn .The company is interested in buying more stake in “Strega “in the future to add to its current 84%. (Kao Hoon, 11/6/18)
Comment: There’s been a few shenanigans at this company….but if you close your eyes maybe you can believe its ability to list its subsidiaries..

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