BA looks for good 2015, supported by better tourism industry. It expects passenger number to grow by 6mn from 4.79mn last year. It will expand fleet, adding four new ATR72-600s. In 2018, it will have 43 planes versus 27 planes at end 2014. This will support passenger growth in line with the turnaround of foreign tourists. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
Comment: Again its the holding it has in BGH that keeps the value in in BA. 
BEAUTY reported 2014 net profit of Bt301.16mn (+45.451%) with a 112.28% YoY increase in 4Q14 net profit. It will pay a 2014 dividend of Bt0.99/share and reduce par to Bt0.1/share. (Thun Hoon, 9/3/15)
Comment: Incredible numbers out of beauty. They’ve proven me wrong, who knew thai consumers loved this brand that much.
CP Group, Thai Beverage Co., and BTS are negotiating with Ministry of Transportation for investment in high speed train for Bangkok-Hua Hin and Bangkok-Rayong. This is to enhance their logistics and property businesses. The Ministry of Transportation expects the concession will be finalized by year-end. (Prachacharti Turakij, 9/3/15)

CCP said revenue will grow by 10% this year, supported by government infrastructure construction. Its backlog increased to Bt2.1bn. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
GIFT expects gross margin to increase to 22% due to good sales of collagen of Bt50-60mn a year. It plans to launch new collagen. It signals good 1Q15 result. It will spend Bt15-20mn to buy new machinery to support rising orders. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
CDs being considered – On March 13, IFEC’s board of directors will consider a plan to issue convertible debentures worth Bt2bn with 1 year maturity and 2% interest rate to Singapore funds under which the Singapore funds will hold no less than 10% in the company if they convert the debentures. In addition, the board will consider a plan to issue IFEC-W2. (Post Today, 7/3/15)
IFEC signed an MOU to acquire a 30% stake in Samdal Wind Farm in South Korea. The process is expected to complete in July. It targets revenue of Bt4bn this year and plans to expand its capacity to 252 MW. (Kao Hoon, 9/3/15)
IFEC will pursue power business both local and overseas with investment budget of Bt10-20bn/year. It expects production capacity to reach 350MW within three years and revenue to double every year It expects revenue of Bt4bn this year. It signed an MOU with a Korean partner to build 33MW of wind power. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
Comment: IFEC needs the $ they have none at the moment. 
JSP targets to boost revenue by 50% this year. It has Bt7.26bn backlog, Bt4bn of which is expected to be booked this year. It announced an interim dividend of Bt0.1 (XD March 15 and payment on March 31. (Kao Hoon, 9/3/15)
LANNA changes investment strategy during lignite in the downturn. It will buy at least one lignite mine in Indonesia by this year with investment value no more than US$20-30mn. Also, it said it is interested in renewable energy. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
MCOT denies reports it has decided to end its concession with pay TV operator TrueVisions four years before the concession’s expiry. (Bangkok Post, 7/3/15)
Board approves plan to sell its 46.98% holding in ML to public at a price of no lower than Bt2.2/share, valued at a total of Bt9bn, giving a gain of Bt627.62mn. The move will help ease the burden of finding fund sources. The company expects to use the proceeds from the sale of ML to invest in the real estate business. It plans to reduce its exposure to used car hire purchase due to intense competition. (Krungthep Thurakij, 7/3/15)
Comment: Still very strange to see them announce this without having a buyer announced yet.
MILL expects 2015 operation will turnaround to a profit versus net loss of Bt998.68mn last year as it will no longer have to provision against investment losses in TSSI plus profit from land sale. It expects revenue to reach Bt15bn in line with better steel demand. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)
NUSA reports 2014 revenue of Bt1.27bn (+ 272.72%) and net profit of Bt106.75mn (+306.45%).  It will open four new projects worth Bt23bn this year, expanding into tourist provinces. It targets Bt2bn revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 9/3/15)
OCEAN targets 20% growth in revenue this year after expanding its marketing channel abroad. It is waiting to sign a MoU for a waste power plant project worth 100MW, which is expected to be finalized in 1H15. (Kao Hoon, 9/3/15)
SPCG is focusing more on the rooftop solar business, forming a leasing 50-50 joint venture to offer financing to its customers who want to install rooftop solar panels with an initial target of Bt300-350mn financial package. The company expects to launch packages for rooftop solar installation within the next 30 days so that it can have an enough time to seek clients before June. SPCG sees plenty of room for growth of sales of rooftop solar energy and expects revenue of no lower than Bt5bn this year. (Krungthep Thurakij, 7/3/15)
Comment: The only solar power co that actually has all capacity up and running. The roof top financing does increase their yield further on invests and plus they still have the opportunity to receive more MW’s when the government puts the new ones up for sale.
SVI canceled its acquisition plans and shifted to focus on capacity expansion after a fire at its factory. It plans to expand its business into neighboring countries to diversify risk. (Krungthep Thurakij, 9/3/15)
Comment: A sharebuyback plus a quick recovery is impressive.
TASCO to benefit from government Bt110bn road construction and maintenance budget in 2015. The company expects its sales to grow more than 60% this year. (Thun Hoon, 9/3/15)
TCC expects good earnings outlook for 2015 as lignite price is on an uptrend plus a strong demand climate. The company will expand to Laos and Cambodia, which it expects to finalize soon. It expects gross margin to exceed 12.6% with strong profit in 2Q15 and 3Q15. Operation of garbage power plant will start this year and support future growth. (Thun Hoon 9/3/15)

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