BA to launch Bt14.3b BAREIT, offering 1st year yield at 8.46% with Samui Airport as main asset, and plan to add on airports in Trad, Sukhothai and oversea airports.

Comment: The samui airport is just a license to print money for this family. I’d argue it has limited the development of Samui.

BYD sees return to profit this year, target 1-2% market share in investment banking business, robot trading under “Beyond Intelligence Trading”, and EV related.

CRANE teams up BKK Dock to expand offshore oil rig decommissioning business.

DIMET invests Bt371m in 30% stake of latex gloves manufacturer, SGMP, transaction to complete by end of-July.

OSP sees no impact from Myanmar’s freeze on FX payment, as all of its transactions were done thru Thai financial Institution.

Comment: Doesn’t quite matter if its done via Thai financial institutions, MEGA is another name that was hurt strongly by this news.

SNC firms on 10% FY22 revenue growth target above Bt17b driven by strong air condition parts exports, lower coil production costs from weak copper price.

Comment: Copper prices are still up massively. But the pass through effect is more feasible now.

TISCO: Massachusetts Financial Services Co, raised holding by 0.0674% to 5.0063% of total outstanding on July 14.

  1. On a related note to BAREIT, the Koh Samui – Khanom Bridge project was approved. If (ever) completed this won’t be good for Samui airport and their exorbitant airfees.

    • And for the next decade they’ll still make a fortune. Fiefdoms and concessions are great cash flow generating businesses.

  2. You have mentioned BYD a few times recently. I only took notice when the possibility of it being linked to the Chinese BYD company. Otherwise it hardly seems worthy of your time.

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